Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Edmonton remembers our war heroes

Remembrance Day events in Edmonton

Updated: Wed Nov. 11 2009 12:13:39

On this Remembrance Day, Edmontonians are coming together to remember our war heroes at ceremonies across the city.

Thousands came out to the Butterdome Wednesday morning to remember those soldiers in the last 100 years of battle.

And people of all ages paid their respects at Alberta's oldest war memorial at the Beverly Cenotaph. Veterans, relatives and the military marched forward to lay wreathes. more

'The boys didn't die in vain'

Onthis Remembrance Day, Canadians will vow to honour the sacrifices of all the soldiers who fought in all our wars, including the brave men and women serving now in Afghanistan. Journal reporter Ryan Cormier, who has covered the war in Afghanistan, sat down recently with Warrant Officer Willy MacDonald and Capt. Jon Hamilton to talk about one of the deadliest battles Canadians have fought since the mission began there seven years ago.

Trapped in the washroom near an abandoned schoolhouse, with Taliban bullets peppering the concrete walls from three sides, Warrant Officer Willy MacDonald felt the battle shift from win or lose, to live or die.

His fellow soldiers were pinned down in a nearby building, close enough to yell a sketch of a plan to each other over the barrage of insurgent machine guns. In the scorching heat of a late Afghanistan summer, mouths full of dust, soldiers coated in sweat guzzled warm water and fought the vertigo of heat exhaustion. more

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