Thursday, October 22, 2009

Latest on Iran

From Enduring America on twitter live updates:

1915 GMT: Tonight’s Arrests. A group had gathered at the house of Shahabbedin Tabatabei, a detained member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front to pray for his release. Security forces entered the home. They asked 4 everyone’s cell phone and filmed them, handcuffed the men, and took away several people.

Among those detained were Tabatabei’s wife, Mohammad-Reza Jalaiepour, who was detained earlier in the post-election crisis, Mehrak Mirabzadeh, Faezeh Abtahi, and Saeed Nourmohammadi. Mirabzadeh and Abtahi were later released. More You can follow Enduring America on tweeter

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“I want to console the families of the soldiers, one of them was a father of five children, and the other with a wife, but they are all sons and brothers to me,” Ambassador Kristie Kenney on 2 US soldiers that were killed sept 29/09. more @ Sharia Watch

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