Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Burger King Sued for Selling Allegedly Cancer Causing Chicken

By Kyle Munzenrieder in News

If you're a health conscious consumer left with no choice but to eat at a fast food joint you'd assume one of the healthier options available might be a grilled chicken salad or sandwich. Well, according to a lawsuit filed todayagainst McDonalds, Friendly's and Miami-based Burger King you'd be wrong. That grilled chicken might cause cancer.

Cancer Project filed the suit in Connecticut on behalf of two residents, and claims the chains concealed the fact that they're selling chicken that contains a carcinogenic chemical.

The chemical in question, PhIP, is a know carcinogen, but 100 samples of BK and McD's grilled chicken were found to contain "substantial levels," in tests conducted by the Cancer Project. MORE

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